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Who we are...

Flight Deck Engineering is a team of professional pilots and engineers who share the goal of contributing to aviation safety. We make use of the most up-to-date research to provide the aviation industry with innovative tools to improve situational awareness, decision making and operational performance.

What we do...

Most of us have technical jobs in engineering, science or the airline industry, but we dedicate part of our free time to work on challenging projects, address issues and find solutions. Most of the project results and publications on aviation safety are available for free under Creative Commons International Licenses.

We are available for consulting services on a case by case basis depending on our team members commitments, the project's time constraints and the resources provided.

Our tools...

Our state of the art technical

equipment and the resources provided to us make a difference.

Our greatest strength lies in our team members years of experience, professionalism and diverse technical backgrounds. Our genuine passion lies in investigating and finding solutions to complex issues by utilizing our strengths and positive teamwork.

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